Open Shift Management

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SymmetryOSM is a robust suite of software solutions focused on addressing the ever present need to improve the often complicated and chaotic process of open shift management in healthcare facilities.

At its core, SymmetryOSM is a powerful communication tool that allows staffing coordinators, managers and others to post open shifts by simply using an Internet browser. Staff is notified of available shifts via the internet, email or text message. Once notified, staff and float pool members can view open shifts and then offer to work specific shifts. Various rules can be automatically applied to ensure efficiency and patient safety by matching skills, overtime management and scheduling parity.

Through the use of SymmetryOSM scheduling qualified staff to work the right unit at the right time becomes much easier. The byproduct of this is improved efficiency and decreased cost of labor. SymmetryOSM clients are able to balance clinical needs with the personal needs of their staff for maximized nurse to patient ratios—resulting in excellent patient care and also meet typical organizational objectives like reducing labor costs and improving efficiency.

SymmetryOSM Key Features:

  • Optimizes the deployment of your clinical staff
  • Automatically communicates open shifts to your staff
  • Significantly reduces staffing management time
  • Allows you to manage your overall labor spend
  • Reduces premium labor spend and agency usage

Available Modules Include:


  • Maximize the utilization of your internal employees
  • Simplified staff scheduling and self-scheduling
  • Automatic skills matching by unit and job type
  • Improved staff satisfaction


  • Eliminates making manual phone calls to staff to fill open shifts
  • Comprehensive inbound & outbound voice assisted shift search & award response notifications
  • Text messaging, on-line and email messaging for shift reminders


  • Internal Resource Pool/Float Pool System
  • Prioritize your own staff before going to outside agencies
  • Grow your internal resource pool without having to add management staff
  • Create and manage your own internal staffing agency

This diagram illustrates the work flow process of SymmetryOSM from both the administrative and end user perspective.